A List of Audiobook Services Offering a Free Trial

Test. Compare. Buy with Confidence.

Audiobook services enable their members to buy or rent titles and then download or stream them straight to their computer, mobile apps or device.
Some companies use an unlimited monthly subscription model while others work with a credit-based system.

A good platform can offer a great selection of books: from romance, fantasy and thrillers to science-fiction, business and children’s books.
You can find the creations of popular, famous, award-winning authors alongside the work of rising new talent and emerging writers.

Also, these online “clubs” save you money and give you a better deal, compared to the traditional option of buying audiobooks independently from a store – one by one.
However, how do you find out which service is the best fit for your needs?

Signing up with free trials can help you find the right digital platform.
They provide you with a chance to test their services completely free of charge, before subscribing to a paid plan.

The list below contains free trial offers from different audiobook services.
Each listing includes the company’s name, how long their trial period lasts, and whether signing up requires users to enter payment details or not.


Free 30-Day Trial

Credit Card Info is Required (Why?)

Get the first 2 audiobooks free, plus a bonus book from the VIP selection.


Free 30-Day Trial

Credit Card Info is Required (Why?)


Free 30-Day Trial

Credit Card Info is Required (Why?)

Offer includes one free audiobook.


Free 30-Day Trial

Credit Card Info is Required (Why?)

Trial membership includes 1 credit (2 credits for Prime members).

Choosing an Audiobook Service: Why Should You Try It Before You Buy?

Audiobooks have become extremely popular in the digital age, and they pose an increasing competition to the printed word.
More individuals prefer the benefits of audiobooks over reading traditional paper books.

The ability to consume digital content on demand and bring reading-like experience into everyday situations where you couldn’t normally read is a great way to fit more books into your busy life.
You can listen to audiobooks on-the-go, in the car, on vacation, during a daily workout, or just at home while you’re doing other things.

There are many competing club-like audiobook distribution channels on the market, and every company offers its unique mix of content, membership model, and an app coupled with its own set of pros and cons.

Users can choose titles from a variety of literature genres: from new releases and best sellers to classic novels, fascinating biographies, incredible self-help books or impressive works of nonfiction.
With such large and diverse book catalogs, there’s always something for everyone.

So how can you determine which platform is ideal for your needs?
The best thing you can do is try some out for yourself and obtain independent insights on which audiobook website deserves your hard-earned money.

The no-obligation testing period gives you the chance to review all components of a certain program in a hands-on way, which gives you a real feel for how it works.
It also helps you to form an independent opinion about the service, discover its strengths and weaknesses, and reach a research-based conclusion, whether a long-term paid subscription is worth it or not.

How to Make the Most of an Audiobook Service Trial Period?

An initial trial period allows you to try out a premium audiobook website for free before committing to a monthly or annual subscription and without spending a penny.

It’s a great way to verify that the service you consider delivers on everything you’re looking for before actually putting money down.
Research, reviews, and customer recommendations are extremely useful, but it’s not the same as actually taking a platform for a test drive.

Unlike a demo version or a freemium, free trial accounts come with significantly fewer limitations or restrictions, and in many cases, none at all.
In such cases, users get complete access to the entire website or app for a certain period and enjoy the same benefits and privileges as a paid subscriber.

This time window enables you to fully explore the service’s features, evaluate its ease of use, assess its value for money, and experience the provider’s customer service and support departments.
You get all of this without paying anything and with no obligation to join the service as a paying customer.

After starting your free trial, play around a little bit with the system: check the size of the library, see how many titles are offered and especially if the platform offers a wide selection of the literature or content that interests you.

Listen to a desired title. Is it a high-quality, well-produced audiobook, read by a professional voice actor? Can you listen to it both online and offline? Can audio files be both downloaded and streamed? Can you return and swap a book if you don’t like it? All of these aspects require careful consideration.

Also, test the app and see if it includes features like variable narration speed, bookmarks, sleep timer, jump forward / back option, personalized book recommendations, in-app purchase capability and other ones that might be important to you.
Ask yourself: do you like using this platform? How well does it work for you? Do they offer any exclusive books that can’t be found elsewhere?

If you’re happy with what you saw and experienced, then feel free to purchase a paid subscription.
However, if the platform did not meet your expectations or needs, simply cancel the trial and look for better audiobook subscription alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trying out and comparing a number of potential audiobook membership site options is a vital step before choosing a provider and selecting a relevant plan.
Here’s a list of common questions (and answers) that often come up during this process.