A List of Guitar Lesson Websites Offering a Free Trial

Test. Compare. Buy with Confidence.

Video-based guitar education services help music lovers who come from all walks of life learn how to play this incredible instrument.
Online courses can provide you with knowledge, structure, consistency and a well-organized approach that can help you become a guitarist.

Some sites are best suited for absolute beginners who had never picked up a guitar before and wish to learn the basics, whereas other services are more appropriate for intermediate and even advanced players, who want to target weak areas and improve their playing skills.

Whether you wish to play acoustic or electric, or perhaps a little bit of both, these streaming training services offer you an easy and relaxed environment to learn guitar.
However, how do you find out which membership website offers the best program for your needs?

Signing up to online courses that offer free trials can help you find the right online platform.
They give you a chance to test their lessons completely free of charge before subscribing to a paid membership.

The list below contains free trial offers from different guitar lesson sites.
Each listing includes the website’s name, how long their trial period lasts, and whether signing up requires users to enter payment details or not.


Free 30-Day Trial

No Credit Card Required

Guitar Tricks

Free 14-Day Trial

Credit Card Info is Required (Why?)

Fender PLAY

Free 14-Day Trial

Credit Card Info is Required (Why?)


Free 3-Day Trial

Credit Card Info is Required (Why?)

Choosing a Guitar Learning Platform: Why Should You Try It Before You Buy?

More individuals take guitar lessons online, either as a part-time hobby or as a serious first step towards becoming a professional guitarist and developing a prospering career in the music industry.

This education method has replaced traditional ways, where people used to learn how to play guitar: books, DVD courses, face-to-face lessons from local teachers, group sessions and others.
Online lessons have completely revolutionized the way people build up and develop their musical skills.

Online tuition programs let you consume content digitally from their catalogs of material.
You learn flexibly, from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace – step-by-step, and practice on a free time basis to make progress and gradually improve.
A broad selection of experienced artists offers professional instruction on chords, music genres, styles, and techniques – all at a friendly price.

There are many competing guitar lesson providers on the internet, and every site has its unique mix of features, functionalities, and capabilities coupled with their own set of pros and cons.
So how can you determine which platform is ideal for your specific guitar learning needs?

Since there are so many alternatives available, the best thing you can do is try some out for yourself and obtain independent insights on which platform deserves your hard-earned money.

The no-obligation testing period gives you the chance to review all components of a certain program in a hands-on way, which gives you a real feel for how it works.
It helps to form an independent opinion about the website, discover its strengths and weaknesses, and reach a research-based conclusion, whether a long-term paid membership is worth it or not.

How to Make the Most of a Guitar Lesson Website Trial Period?

An initial trial period allows you to try out a premium service for free before committing to a monthly or annual subscription and without spending a penny.

It’s a great way to verify that the program you consider delivers on everything you’re looking for before actually putting money down.
Research, reviews, and recommendations are extremely useful, but it’s not the same as actually taking a platform for a test drive.

Unlike a demo version or a freemium, free trial accounts come with significantly fewer limitations or restrictions, and in many cases, none at all.
In such cases, users get complete access to the entire website for a certain period and enjoy the same benefits and privileges of a paid subscriber.

This time window enables you to fully explore the website’s features, evaluate its ease of use, assess its value for money, and experience this interactive learning experience.
You get all of this without paying anything and with no obligation to join the service as a paying member.

After starting your free trial, take your time to explore the system and evaluate its usefulness. Check out their selection of song tutorials and the number of instructors, see if live and private one-on-one lessons are offered, try out the advanced functions and features and interact with the community of other aspiring guitarists.

Watch a couple of the sample instructional videos from the lesson library, try out the various teaching methods and technologies and test the mobile app.
Ask yourself: do you like using this website? Does this format suit you? Does it provide effective training? Are the video lessons easy-to-follow? Do you feel you’ll get good results?

If you’re happy with what you saw and experienced, then feel free to purchase a paid subscription.
However, if the site did not meet your expectations or needs, simply cancel the trial and look for better online guitar lesson alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trying out and comparing a number of potential guitar training options is a vital step before choosing a provider and selecting an online program.
Here’s a list of common questions (and answers) that often come up during this process.